Level 2 training builds on the knowledge you gained in Level 1 training.

Level 2 sessions include

  • learning the signs and symbols from Stage 3
  • learning the signs and symbols from Stage 4
  • learning the rest of the Additional Stage of the Core Vocabulary
  • practising using Stages 1-4 signs and symbols
  • exploring the practical application of signs and symbols

How is it delivered?

Level 2 training is made up of 2 x 3 hour Modules ( Module 3 and  Module 4 ). These can be delivered as a whole day training or as two sessions delivered on two separate days.

It is recommended that these separate sessions are no longer than 2 weeks apart if possible.

Study materials

Attendees of Level 2 courses will receive a Workshop Manual. This will include all information and presentations, as well as the Makaton Signs and Symbols that you learn during the course.

At the end of the course you will be given a Certificate of Attendance from the Makaton Charity  Participants are asked to keep it safe as it will be needed if you wish to attend further Makaton training.