Making sure that young children with special educational needs have the right support is a top priority for all early years settings, but spotting additional needs can be tricky. This book is the ultimate resource for busy practitioners, who want good, clear advice on what to look for and how to set up the necessary provision.
The advice contained here will empower you, and give you the confidence to identify and plan for the needs of every child in your care.

Topics discussed in chapters are as follows:

  • observation and assessment of needs
  • physical development, and how to spot problems
  • communication, language and literacy, and how to spot difficulties
  • personal, social and emotional development, in line with the holistic child emphasis of the EYFS

There are also:

  • case studies of children between 0 to 5 years
  • sample policies
  • lots of photocopiable material, on the CD-Rom that comes with the book

Suitable for all early years students and practitioners, this book reminds the reader that all children require additional support at some stage, and that providing it is an essential part of good practice.


"The book is a thorough resource for practitioners in early years, particularly those working with pre-school children. In supporting staff to reflect on their own practices, providing them with strategies to address particular needs and advice on agencies, the book can give them the confidence and skills for a ‘can do’ approach which is vital to ensure that all children reach their full potential" - Nasen Special magazine

"The wealth of examples and practical resources, the accessible style and the clear presentation make this an invaluable aid to helping early years practitioners feel comfortable with their responsibilities for promoting positive outcomes for all children in their setting" - Early Years Update