Every early years setting strives to create a calm and positive atmosphere, where children can thrive and develop as successful and confident learners.
By asking you to reflect on how the ethos, practice and general approach in your setting impacts on the behaviour of both children and adults, this book suggest sensible ways to achieve an exciting and stimulating environment for all.

From an award-winning author team, there is down-to-earth advice, a number of common-sense solutions and all the essential information you will need to develop the best sort of setting, where everyone supports one another.

Chapters offer guidance on:

  • creating an enabling environment for all
  • developing a team-based approach
  • considering the whole child
  • working with parents, and other professionals
  • observing and assessing behaviour
  • sharing good practice

There are also:

  • case studies of children between 0 to 5 years
  • sample policies
  • lots of photocopiable material, on the CD-Rom that comes with the book

Suitable for all early years students and practitioners, this book is an encouraging read that will inspire you and help you to improve behaviour in your class or setting.

Recommended reading in the Inclusion Development Programme ‘Supporting children with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties: Guidance for practitioners in the Early years Foundation Stage' (DCFS 2009)


"This guide is packed with useful advice, strategies and common-sense solutions that will support early years practitioners in developing a setting where staff and children can work together in a calm and positive atmosphere"  - Nasen Special Children

"Essential reading for all early years students and practitioners" - Early Years Educator

"This practical easy to access book provides supportive approaches to behaviour in the early years. The Strategy Bank and Observation chapters offer brilliant opportunities to help develop a whole-staff, problem-solving approach to the day to day challenges of children learning about behaviour" - Kay Mathieson